When dealing with an existing poison ivy rash, Ivarest has a maximum strength solution for poison ivy.

Ivarest Poison Ivy Itch Spray

For on-the-go relief throughout the day, Ivarest Poison Ivy Spray is the clean, easy to apply way to stop the itch.

Ivarest Poison Ivy Itch Spray

Ivarest Poison Ivy Itch Spray cools and soothes irritated skin with proven medications, including pramoxine hydrochloride (an analgesic to stop the itch), and zinc acetate (a skin protectant to dry the rash). The formula also includes glycerin, which prevents dripping and keeps the medication where it’s needed. Because it goes on clear and no rubbing is needed, sufferers and parents can use the spray anytime throughout the day when cleanup after application isn’t practical, or anytime additional relief is needed…plus, the no-touch application is gentle enough for even the most painful rashes.


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