Whether dealing with an existing poison ivy rash or preventing a rash from developing, Ivarest has a solution for mild to moderate poison ivy.


What do people who have used Ivarest products have to say?

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“I recently had a bad allergic reaction to poison ivy and initially tried skin applications and an oral medication with little relief or results. My doctor recommended Ivarest Cleansing Foam and within days use, my discomfort was greatly reduced. I would like to commend your company on a fine product. Thank you.” -Thomas V.

“My wife is an RN (Oncology). She is so allergic to poison ivy that she gets it even if she pets one of our dogs after they were in contact with it. As an RN, she’s tried EVERYTHING on the market, but found the only relief she ever got was from steroid shots. She tried Ivarest Foam and was absolutely shocked at its effectiveness. She immediately purchased 3 more bottles. She tells everyone, especially her patients, about your product. Congratulations!” -Tom Q.

“I was recently troubled with a rash on my fingers and back of my right hand. I tried several over the counter products. They brought some itch relief, but did nothing to cure the small, itchy bumps. I bought Ivarest this week, and after only four applications, the bumps are completely gone. Prior to Ivarest, I was going into my fourth week with this most intense aggravation. I love your product, and will highly recommend it to anyone with a similar problem. Thank you.” -Pamela W.

“I got poison ivy and bought Ivarest. It is THE BEST! It really works well. Thanks.” -D.D.

“Just want to let you know that I purchased Ivarest to help with the relief of poison ivy and this product is amazing. This is the first time I have had poison ivy and it is a pretty severe case. I have tried a few other products and the results had little to no effect. One generous application of Ivarest and a few minutes later the itching was gone. I didn't think it would have lasted the full 8 hours and I was right. It lasted 10. Keep up the good work and thank you for putting out a product that backs up what it is marketed to do and then some!!!” -Ray D.

“I've spent my life battling poison ivy, etc. EVERY spring to fall. I have come to swear by Ivarest. It's the only thing that gave me any relief in all these years.” -Nancy C.

“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Itching from Poison Ivy was really making me miserable. Sores were oozing and spreading. I purchased your product this afternoon, and one application has relieved my agony. Love the product. I'll sleep well tonight. Thanks.” - Marsha H.

“Thank you so much for this product. I am very sensitive to poison ivy and unfortunately my home butts up against a woods. Since I love to garden I am in the yard frequently. While I do my best to avoid poison ivy, I still find that I am infected from time. Your product is the BEST product I have ever used and I have used them all. I was not aware you had a cleansing foam and intend to find this. Thank you for such an effective product.” -Kathryn S.